Christmas Eve
Christmas is that time when semester gets over and students have completed their assignments and they have stopped taking cheap essay writing services. Christmas, an event which is celebrated by the people of the Christian community on 25th of December, that commemorates the birth of respected Jesus Christ. Every country has their traditions to celebrate Christmas Eve. Like other countries, America has developed their own Christmas traditions and celebrations, and these have changed abundantly over time. Today, most of the Americans blend these religious and non-religious customs with their families traditions, generally organizing food, decorations, and services from places they or their ancestors once called home.

American Traditions

Americans celebrate Christmas event with a number of traditions. The top 5 traditions are explained below:

1.      Decorations:

The trend of decoration is the main thing Christians definitely do. The decorations for Christmas Eve include the following items;

1.      Christmas tree or a flocked artificial tree covered with fake snow.
2.      Christmas colored balls.
3.      Candy canes.
4.      Garlands.
5.      Lights.

These are the decoration items to decorate the Christmas tree according to the trend.

2.      Greeting cards

Every one prepares Christmas greeting cards for their family members who are away from them. They write their wishes and all greetings and also they send a gift to their family members in their love and respect. About 2 million greeting cards are sent out in the USA every year.

3.      Food

The most unique part of American tradition is food. Everyone knows this fact that on Christmas Eve all grocery stores and restaurants remain closed and but the Americans cook roasted ham or turkey in the main course. Some of the families also serve fishes and other sea-foods with salads, loved by the locals and internationals.

4.      Christmas Sweets and Candies

The most favorite and amazing part in the Christmas parties is when people decor a table with chocolates, cookies and Christmas candies. That is the most favorite thing for the kids and these also a part of the tradition of America.

5.      Movie

The tradition of Christmas movies is the biggest tradition as well, limited people who enjoy their holiday by this trend. These movies are;

A Charlie Brown Christmas to It’s a Wonderful Life, to Home Alone, Elf, and many more, the list will go on. Back to the Future Trilogy is the most favorite movie of families, which for some reason they all watch at least once around Christmas.

The 25th of December, Christmas Eve, American people do so many activities according to their traditions inherited by their ancestors but the traditions briefed above the top 5 Christmas tradition followed by every American citizen. These 5 traditions are the main ones because they all do decorations for the Christmas parties, and the traditional food has been cooked. The sweets, cookies, and Christmas candies have also been served to the kids and at midnight all the family members gather and watch Christmas movies and enjoy the Christmas Eve.